Cybersecurity Automation

Led by NIST’s Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) standardization effort, cybersecurity automation is an emerging technology that enables development of new tools and services in the cybersecurity industry. It is the holy grail in achieving scalable and streamlined cybersecurity management processes across large enterprises, from vulnerability assessment, network intrusion detection and prevention, continuous monitoring, threat detection and intelligence sharing, and integrated risk management. D-Tech participates actively in the SCAP community and has developed different tools and techniques to help organizations streamline their cybersecurity practices and adopt NIST’s standards. Our service offerings in this area include:

  • Review existing IT security practices in the enterprise and identify automation needs for streamlining cybersecurity processes and reducing cost
  • Analysis of cybersecurity data contents and their formatting structures
  • Analysis of cybersecurity process workflow with respect to data source/sink and reporting requirements
  • Identification of cybersecurity data integration points and relevant SCAP data schemas
  • Identification of commercial and open-source SCAP tools to enhance the organization’s existing practice, e.g. vulnerability assessment, patch management, configuration management, continuous monitoring, and incident reporting
  • Development of data conversion and integration components to enable enterprise-wide SCAP adoption
  • Training on SCAP standards, best practices, and solution development

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