Collaboration with National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)

To support the nation’s cybersecurity strategy and identify the best cyber defense mechanisms in industrial control systems (ICS), D-Tech, LLC, a leading R&D firm specializing in applied machine learning (ML) and cybersecurity, started a collaboration effort with the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST).  As part of an ongoing research project utilizing applied ML for cybersecurity, the D-Tech team plans to work closely with the ICS Cybersecurity for Manufacturing Lab at NIST to conduct simulated cyber attack testing and to analyze the test results. 

The ICS Cybersecurity Lab for Manufacturing consists of several ICS testbeds with both virtual and physical equipment for running various discrete and continuous manufacturing processes.  The testbeds provide an ideal and cost-effective way to collect real-time data at different operation levels.  By collaborating with NIST engineers together, D-Tech plans to evaluate various quantitative methods of cybersecurity data analysis and risk management, and identify the effective solutions to enhance the cyber resilience of manufacturing systems.

In addition of running attack simulations and conducting cybersecurity risk and resilience analysis, the D-Tech team plans to test and evaluate several machine learning (ML) methods for anomaly detection and threat analytics in ICS.  This collaborative effort will help identify the best ML algorithms for cybersecurity application in accordance to NIST’s cybersecurity risk and resilience guideline.

NIST is a physical sciences laboratory with the mission of promoting innovation and industrial competitiveness. D-Tech LLC, located in Herndon, Va. specializes in data-driven software innovation. For more information on D-Tech, visit