D-Tech provides a set of web-based products and tools to support our integrated solution strategy.  All of our products are designed with maximized usability, scalability, extensibility, and performance in a collaborative environment.  They are easy to configure and use, and also highly customizable to meet your organizational needs.  Flexible product licenses are available to support different operational environments.  Our software products include:

  • Artemis™ – A quantitative cybersecurity risk analysis tool for industrial control systems and critical infrastructures.
  • Nurensix™ – An integrated, multi-source data analytics tool for nuclear forensics and interdisciplinary predictive reasoning.
  • IDentia® – A federated identity and access management platform integrated with attribute-based access control (ABAC).
  • Jediator™ – An enterprise certificate management system to support DevOps.

For more information on our products and to obtain evaluation licenses, please send us your inquiry via the contact form.