Artemis™ is a web-based application that provides a consolidated view of asset vulnerability, threat posture, and cyber defense readiness, and performs quantitative cybersecurity risk analysis of an operational environment.  This product was initially developed for the nuclear industry and other infrastructure industries as part of an SBIR grant from the Department of Energy.  It can be customized for a wide range of sectors that deals with industrial control systems (ICS) and IoT technologies, including manufacturing, utilities, gas & oil, and healthcare.

The key capabilities of Artemis include:

Quantitative Risk Analysis

Consistent and accurate risk representation for actionable decision making

Asset Identification and Management

Consolidated multi-level identification and representation of ICS assets

Automated Vulnerability Discovery

Asset-driven vulnerability discovery and representation based on NIST standards

Exploit Path Analysis

Extended vulnerability and threat analysis of an asset network to identify the weakest link

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