As part of the Multi-organizational IAM solution, D-Tech is offering a certificate management tool called Jediator™. Implemented in Java to enable compatibility across operating systems, Jediator™ utilizes well-established, production-proven open source packages, and provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use Web-based user interface for creating, managing, and inspecting various PKI certificates and other security artifacts required to secure enterprise systems and applications. It can be used to help organizations to streamline the secure application/user provisioning process and integrate PKI certificate management directly with the IAM lifecycle in a cloud environment.

The essential features of the product include:

Web-based PKI Cert Management

User-friendly GUI with workflow and process view throughout a certificate lifecycle, from certificate request, creation, to certificate delivery and revocation.

LDAP Interoperability

Extensible APIs for integration with enterprise directory services using Light-weight Directory Application Protocol (LDAP) and Active Directory.

Secure Application Provisioning and Deployment

Built-in user functions to support automated creation and distribution of keystores and truststores for Java-based applications.

Standard-based PKI Extentions

Web-based APIs to support Certificate Revocation List (CRL) generation and notification and certificate validation via Online Certificate Status Protocol (OSCP).

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