Nurensix™ is a cloud-enabled software tool for integrated nuclear forensic analysis based on our integrated web platform.  Designed to implement a wide range of forensic data integration and analytics functions, Nurensix helps streamline a forensic analysis process, from onsite forensic data collection using mobile devices to integrated data analysis across a range of data sources.  Developed under a SBIR Grant by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) to support nuclear counterproliferation and counterterrorism, Nurensix provides forensic analysts and case investigators with an extensible and cost-effective analytics platform in a collaborative and cross-organizational environment.

The key capabilities of Nurensix include:

Mobile-Friendly Data Entry and Reporting

Support onsite data collection using mobile devices, and automated report generation and synchronization

User and Workflow Management

Enable organization-specific process integration and user-centered workflow management

Advanced Data Analytics

Integrate statistical, historical, temporal, and geospatial analysis functions for decision support

Multilingual Support for International Collaboration

Automate internationalization and language support to all user functions

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