Zenurian™ is a machine learning software that provides real-time anomaly detection and advanced cyber-risk analytics. Based on a multi-dimensional ML approach, Zenurian™ integrates a range of data sources with optimized ML models for identifying various threat scenarios. It provides a web-based user interface for rapid ML pipeline construction, execution, big data analysis and metrics presentation.  As a software tool, Zenurian is highly scalable and extensible to integrate with various databases (e.g. MongoDB and RDBMS) and analytics tools, and can be easily customized to support existing cybersecurity processes.

The key capabilities of Zenurian include:

Threat Detection in Real-Time

Advanced anomaly detection integrated with predictive threat analysis

Multi-dimensional Data Ingestion

Monitors all network, host, and physical sensor data to give a holistic view of all operations

Adaptive Machine Learning

Streamlined ML pipeline and scalable deployment in the cloud and on-premise, with continuous model training and optimization

Advanced Cyber-Risk Analytics

Assigns anomalies a risk and resilience score, providing situation-awareness on threat severity and risk consequences

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