Model-Driven Data Analytics

Our data analytics solution is based on our data analytics platform that integrates a range of predefined data models and dynamically configurable analysis functions into a modular and configurable framework.  This enables us to easily map user/customer requirements of any projects into predefined data models or a combination of them, along with analysis and reporting/visualization functions for solving the business problems.  We follow our standard process for customer engagement as part of the solution, from requirement gathering and gap analysis to reporting and documentation, in order to ensure quality and the highest customer satisfaction.  The key capabilities of this solution include:

Data Modeling and Analytics

Standardized analytics models and algorithms with easy customization

Relational and NoSQL Database Integration

Streamlined conversion of data model representation to database schemas

Adaptive and Versatile Data I/O APIs

Built-in APIs for data object serialization and database access

Rich Data Visualization Functions

Web-based components for data visualization, result representation and reporting

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