Applied Machine Learning

We leverage our big data analytics and machine learning (ML) expertise to meet customers’ specific needs.  Our core competencies include data-driven feature engineering, ML model training and optimization, and real-time data acquisition and streamlined ML pipeline construction.  Every ML engagement will start with detailed use case analysis, followed by data source identification, feature engineering, model development, and result visualization based on ML best practices.  The key capabilities of our applied ML solution set include:

Rapid ML Model Construction

Develop and train ML models with real-time streaming data to support ICS and other time-critical applications

Platform-independent ML Development and Deployment

Seamless integration between design-time ML construction and run-time inference

Continuous Model Training and Optimization

Enhancing performance with continuous on-the-job improvement

Streamlined Machine Learning Pipeline

Integrated ML pipeline unique to business needs allowing for easy data access and process customization.

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