Software Application Development

This solution is defined by an agile software development methodology centered around the D-Tech’s web development framework, which consists of a set of pre-packaged modules, APIs, and user functions to enable easy customization and data integration.  The functional modules include user and access management, workflow and lifecycle management, database access and integration, data analytics and visualization, and cross-platform data serialization and exchange.  By following our agile development process, we can help customers identify the right approach and ensure quality of the end application at every step throughout a development lifecycle.  The key solution capabilities of our application development solution include:

Standardized and Extensible Web-based Extensible Framework

Providing modular components with extensible APIs and GUI functions ready to customize

Workflow and Lifecycle Management

Enabling easy configuration and customization of business processes tailored to your organization

User Management and Access Control

Enhancing security and user access functions with security policy compliance and enforcement

Rapid SaaS Deployment with DevOps

Streamlining and automating SaaS deployment using DevOps processes, tools, and best practices

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